Michelle McNulty

Michelle McNulty


Kelly’s longest-lasting band (formed in 2009) delivers her most solid offering yet!
10 songs of heartbreak, relationships, and drugs are uniquely delivered in a lyric-driven freak folk/northern country style…already considered by many to be a timeless masterpiece!



Two brothers and their cousin start playing punk rock n’ roll as young teenagers in Mid-Michigan. Honing their craft over nearly a decade, and relocating to Detroit, they laid down a tough 14-song set of riff-driven punk with hints of power pop and glam on their non-stop, high-energy debut LP. Fans of real rock n’ roll must hear these BADASS ROCK ANIMALS!



Recorded at the Outer Limits lounge under the influences of ancient magick, potion lore and the sacred scrolls of the gnome, Wiccans bring us a heavy dose of their signature spell casting. Harnessing the power of their full band set, Bad Habit is classic electric Wiccans at its core—all the while weaving the ethereal harmonies and paegan balladry they’re known for amid the stoned shreddery. I found my familiar and IT’S THE WICCANS “BAD HABIT” LP!!!!

Doug Coombe

Doug Coombe


The Hentchmen. Garage band? Party band? Trash enthusiasts? All of the above?

Well they are high school pals and have been together for 25 years. Their 9th LP, XXV, is out now on Outer Limits Lounge Records in an impressive full color sleeve! 14 sonic offerings to get the party started wherever you are! don't miss out!


"The instrumental part of the Hentchmen's "Chrissy Rides Again" on the Broad Appeal album is very similar to the extended instrumental added to the live performance by the Lene Lovich band when playing "Lucky Number" on the TV show Rock Goes To College."   - taken from Wikipedia